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What's being said

“XXX has been admitted by Mercersburg! We were so excited and read through the offer letter so many times! We are very grateful for Dr. Jing and the PrepEdu team’s guidance, support, encouragement, and company in the past two years. We are so glad that we chose PrepEdu two years ago for our kid’s application – it was the right decision to make and the best gift for our child. With Dr. Jing’s guidance throughout the entire application process, we took no detours and made tangible progress along the way. Our kid also became more confident thanks to the application journey. As parents, we are grateful for Dr. Jing and the entire PrepEdu team – we can never thank you enough!  

We really appreciate Dr. Jing’s professionalism, Liliana’s guidance, and Alice’s support. We also want to thank Liu, Mr. Solter, and Mr. Gardner for polishing parent essays and brainstorming with our child. Dr. Cai also helped greatly by recommending the most suitable courses for our kid. We are looking forward to working with PrepEdu in our kid’s academic journey ahead. ”

 2023 年

 2022 年