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Private high schools in the United States attract students from all over the world with their unique cultural traditions, high academic criteria and rich educational resources. PrepEdu assists the students on their ways of success by providing them with the best counseling services. We always look at the actual characters of students to determine which schools are best for them. Our services include improving students’ internal ability and competitiveness, accurately identifying target schools, exam and test preparation, extracurricular activity development, and interview workshops. 

Offer letters are only the beginning. We not only help students enter the right school, but also provide follow-up services including academic supervision, school life guidance, course selection planning, holiday arrangements, interests and extracurricular activities, and college application consulting during the student's study in the US. PrepEdu actively serves as a bridge between parents and schools by regularly communicating with the teachers, giving feedback to the parents, and monitoring students’ development in a timely manner.

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