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School Application

Junior boarding schools are independent elementary and middle schools with a boarding program. In order to stand out among the best, and to allow children to adapt to the American education system and classroom model in advance, more and more parents choose to send their children to junior boarding school. Junior boarding schools in the United States can provide students with a wealth of educational resources and comprehensively prepare students for the next stage of study in academic, sports, music, art and character skills. Since there are only 10 top-rated junior boarding schools in the United States, the competition is getting more and more intense daily. 
With many years of experience and a top-notch team, we will provide students with a full range of services including qualification assessment, planning, school selection, application, writing skills, interview tips, and admission. Each year, our students have been successfully admitted to Fessenden School, Fay School, and Eaglebrook School, among many others.

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